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 CHEN Xueru,WU Xiayuan,CHEN Zixuan,et al.Progress in biosynthetic iron sulfide nanoparticles for enhancing electron transfer and pollutant degradation[J].Chinese Journal of Bioprocess Engineering,2020,18(03):295-302.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1672-3678.2020.03.005]





Progress in biosynthetic iron sulfide nanoparticles for enhancing electron transfer and pollutant degradation
南京工业大学 生物与制药工程学院 生物能源研究所,江苏 南京 211800
CHEN XueruWU XiayuanCHEN ZixuanCUI YanPAN ZhengyongBAI JiayingZHOU JunYONG XiaoyuXIE XinxinJIA HonghuaWEI Ping
Bioenergy Research Institute,College of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing 211800,China
生物合成 纳米硫铁 电子传递 污染物降解 生物电化学系统
Iron sulfide nanoparticles,a new type of nanomaterials with good conductivity,adsorption and reducibility,can enhance electron transfer among microorganisms and promote pollutants degradation,which has been widely studied in recent years.The biosynthesis method has the advantages of low pollution and cost,mild reaction conditions,and excellent performance in synthesizing iron sulfide nanoparticles.This paper reviews the research progress of different microbial synthesis of iron sulfide nanoparticles,and further summarizes current research status on promoting electron transport and pollutants degradation by using biosynthetic iron sulfide nanoparticles.Finally,the application of biosynthetic iron sulfide nanoparticles for bioelectrochemical systems and pollutants degradation is also prospected.


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基金项目:国家自然科学基金青年基金(21808108); 江苏省自然科学基金青年基金(BK20180702); 江苏省高等学校自然科学研究面上项目(18KJB610007)
作者简介:陈雪茹(1996—),女,山西临汾人,硕士研究生,研究方向:生物电化学技术; 吴夏芫(联系人),副教授,E-mail:wuxiayuan@njtech.edu.cn
CHEN Xueru,WU Xiayuan,CHEN Zixuan,et al.Progress in biosynthetic iron sulfide nanoparticles for enhancing electron transfer and pollutant degradation[J].Chin J Bioprocess Eng,2020,18(3):295-302..
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