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 CHEN Tianpeng,ZHU Jiaqing,LIU Dong,et al.Research progress in immobilized fermentation based on quorum sensing[J].Chinese Journal of Bioprocess Engineering,2020,18(02):170-176.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1672-3678.2020.02.005]





Research progress in immobilized fermentation based on quorum sensing
1.南京工业大学 生物与制药工程学院,江苏 南京 211800; 2.南京工业大学 国家生化工程技术研究中心,江苏 南京 211800; 3.江苏先进生物与化学制造协同创新中心,江苏 南京 211800
CHEN Tianpeng12ZHU Jiaqing12LIU Dong123CHEN Yong123YING Hanjie123
1.College of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering,Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing 211800,China; 2.National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology,Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing 211800,China; 3.Jiangsu National Synergetic Innovation Center for Advanced Materials(SICAM),Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing 211800,China
生物膜 固定化 群体感应 信号分子 agr c-di-GMP
在EPS(extracellular polymeric substances)体系中,细胞的自增殖和自修复能力在实现高效连续化生产过程中起着重要作用,细胞显示出集群效应、生命周期得到延长和抗逆性增强等特性。基于此,开发并建立以微生物集群效应形成生物膜的固定化发酵系统并应用于多种化学品的生物制造将具有十分重要的意义。本文中,笔者综述以生物膜为催化剂的固定化发酵研究,解析生物膜形成的调控因子,重点阐述生物膜形成过程中基于信号分子介导的集群效应。目前对生物膜形成过程中基于信号分子介导的集群效应的机制研究尚存在不足,若能从分子和代谢层面探索生物膜中信号介导的细胞集群效应及其对生物催化体系的影响,将为解决固定化发酵中出现的耐受性差和细胞易衰老等问题提供新的途径,对推动工业产品的高效清洁生产具有十分重要的意义。
The abilities of self-proliferation and self-repairing for cells in the EPS(extracellular polymeric substances)system play an important role in achieving efficient and continuous producing process.The population effects,prolonged life cycle and enhanced stress resistance of cells are showed.Based on this,it’s be of great importance for developing and establishing biofilm-based immobilized fermentation strategies which have been applied to various chemicals production.In this paper,we reviewed the study of immobilized fermentation using biofilm as a catalyst.For the moment,the regulatory factors of biofilm formation and the population effects based on signal molecules in the process of biofilm formation is still insufficient.If the explorations could be carried out about it on the level of molecule and metabolism for the stress resistance and life cycle of cells,it will provide a reference for developing more biochemical-producing processes by biocatalysis system.


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作者简介:陈天鹏(1992—),男,江苏南通人,博士研究生,研究方向:微生物固定化; 柳东(联系人),副教授,E-mail:liudong@njtech.edu.cn; 陈勇(联系人),研究员,E-mail:chenyong1982@njtech.edu.cn; 应汉杰(联系人),教授,E-mail:yinghanjie@njtech.edu.cn
CHEN Tianpeng,ZHU Jiaqing,LIU Dong,et al.Research progress in immobilized fermentation based on quorum sensing[J].Chin J Bioprocess Eng,2020,18(2):170-176..
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